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How to find IP address of anyone and attack.

Well, When talk about hacking someone the first thing comes to our mind will be about how to find the IP address of the person.Finding the IP address is the only way to attack a remote system.We have already discussed some techniques like How to track any one get their details by sending email. You can also read some IP tracking methods with PHP scripts. But Here is the alternate way to find ip by any means by email or through websites or blog or forums.For hacking anyone, the first stage is, of course, collecting information about the victim. This stage mainly consists of finding IP Address of the victim, so that you can perform further hacks like Port scanning, Netbios, etc using the IP Address.


1. Go to WHAT IS THEIR IP website to find someone's IP Address.

2. Enter your email id where you want to receive the victim's IP Address and hit on Get Link.

3. Now, you will get a link from IP Address Finder.

4. Send this link to your victim through email or post the link in any forums or websites and whenever anyone l simply click on this link, thier IP Address will be recorded and mailed to you by as shown below.


1. Of course IP address is the first and important step to hack anyone.So once you obtained any ip you can get all the details of this ip, Just read this How to trace any IP and get its full details.

2. So thats it, Now you got all the details of the IP,You can also try hacking this IP with some remote hacking tools like Brutus or any other.You can also read this How to Brute force attack remote servers or pc with Brutus.

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learner said...

can you please tell me how to control someones pc by using ip adress

kokos said...

http://www.whatstheirip.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi doesnt work?

thatonekid said...

the mail doesnt get to me i tried inbox and spam please help


No its working fine .I just tested it again.Make sure you are using the exact link. Its better use the first link they provided and make sure you have entered your email id properly

preet said...

yo someone make my fake account on facebk ,how i can find the person behind tht

khoa viet said...

cho minh hỏi minh có 1 phần mêm voip gọi nc máy pc này qua máy pc khác thông qua mang LAN bjo dung phần mêm nào để nghe lén dc cuộc nói chuyện thoogn qua IP ko bạn ơi

wahidin din said...

Someone attacking my facebook account this is the ip please give him some leasson....

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